Membership of TDI Inc is not expensive and the group is working all the time to ensure members receive excellent value for money in return for joining and supporting the group.
Join before 30 June and compete at two Members day throughout the year and you qualify to ride at the Members Championships held in November each year.
Benefits of membership include

  • attendance at members only events
  • reduced cost on fees for clinics and workshops
  • eligibility for annual awards and prizes (see list below)

To join TDI simply click the link below to go to the electronic membership page.

To join TDI simply click the link below to go to to pay in electronic format.



Membership runs from 1 January to 31 December each year


Senior full riding member $65

Junior full riding member $50

Family full riding $80

Non riding member $45



TDI Consistency Trophies

Rhonda Kath Official Preliminary Trophy
Grace Pretty, Kerri-Lee Paul
and Gitte Doberck
Elite Warmbloods Official Novice Trophy
Peter and Karen Crommelin
Kinnordy Stud Official Elementary Trophy
Holger and Melanie Schmorl of Kinnordy Stud
Blanchview Farm Official Medium Trophy
Dr Greg and Mrs Connie Bookless
Blanchview Farm Official Advanced/FEI
Dr Greg and Mrs Connie Bookless
Alex Rowe Members Preparatory Trophy
Toowoomba Dressage
The Toowoomba Eye Clinic Associate Preliminary Trophy
Dr Keith and Mrs Tracey Zabell
The Kenammer Equestrian Centre Associate Novice Trophy
Dr Karen Knight- Mudie
Mobile Chinchilla Associate Elementary Trophy
Sean & Cheryl Williams
Members Medium Trophy
Toowoomba Dressage
Members Advanced/FEI Trophy
Toowoomba Dressage
Remi Stud High Achievement Warmblood Horse
Remi Stud
High Achievement Thoroughbred Horse
Dr Kym Palmer
Junior Achievement Trophy
Brad Drennan
Regency Warmbloods Overall Official Pony
Regency Warmbloods
River Range Warmbloods Overall Hipoint Senior Members Award
Linda Shore
Overall Hipoint Junior Members Award

Winners TDI Consistency Trophies







Click to download complete list of Trophy winners since inception of trophies to 2013



The aim of the Member Consistency perpetual trophies is to recognise Club members who have performed consistently at a given training level at Club member only events throughout the year.
Only the best 3 placings for a horse and rider combination achieved over the Club's events are considered for final awards. To be elligible for members consistency trophies riders must become financial members by first Members Only event for the year.

The trophy point system works in a similar way to the official dressage grading system, with points from 35 - 1 being awarded for placing in events. For example:

1st = 35 points
2nd = 34 points
3rd = 33 points
4th = 32 points
5th = 31 points
6th = 29 points etc


The aim of the Official Highpoint Trophies is to recognise Club members who have performed outstandingly at the EA Offiical competitions run by Toowoomba Dressage throughout the competition year. Points will be awarded same as for the Consistency Trophies but ALL competitions for each horse/rider combination will be included. Elligibility requires each horse/rider combination to compete at a minimum of two (2) official events hosted by Toowoomba Dressage.

Thank you to all the sponsors of our perpetual trophies and all Club members should recognise and support their contribution in helping to improve the TDI and the benefits membership of it bring to you.

One of the main aims of introducing the trophy system in 2002 was to encourage Club members to support Club competition days and to bring a sense of history to the Club. Each year the trophy has recorded on it the winning horse and rider names and the year it was awarded. Over time these trophies become a part of the Clubs' history.

The trophies are presented at the Club's trophy presentation function held in January each year. The winner keeps the trophy for that year and must return it to the Club prior to the next years funtion.

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